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Happy People

Megan, oh my god. I love them so much! I seriously watched the slideshow 5 times and cried every time. You captured everything that I wanted so much to remember from our wedding. I can't thank you and Scott enough! They are truly perfect. - Tara

Thank you again. The pictures are beautiful and everything I wanted. You truly have a gift!! - Sara

They turned out amazing!! I usually really dislike looking at pictures of myself, but these were really beautiful. Thank you thank you! - Jennifer

EEEEEEKKKKEEEEEKKKKKK! Yay! Yay! Yay! I looooooove them! THANK YOU!!!!!! - Erica

I can't express enough how much we have appreciated you and Scott. Your work was splendid in every sense of the word! - Carol

You did an amazing job! After how successful our engagement shoot turned out I would not trust anyone else with preserving our wedding with photos but you. Honestly, Jared and I are so thankful and excited that you're our photographer :) You do beautiful work! - Elizabeth

Oh Megan, I adore these photos; they gave me goosebumps! Thank you so, so much. They have made me so happy!! - Danna

Megan, I can't thank you enough for your generosity and the amazing pictures you took. They turned out absolutely beautiful and brought tears to both my mother and my eyes. You were wonderful to work with and are a very talented photographer. Thank you so much! - Samantha

Megan - These pictures are beyond anything I could have imagined, thank you so much for the beautiful work that you do! - Crissy

They are great! I can not believe how many good ones you got from Torri for how cold and crabby she was! You will definitely be seeing us again. Thanks so much Megan! - Megan

MEGAN!!! The slideshow is fantastic!! We saved it to watch it together last night and loved it!! Such beautiful pictures! We shared it with our family and wedding party and nothing but glowing reviews!! (as we watched, Joe kept commenting on how we selected the best photographers possible!) Thanks so much Megan and Scott! - Britta

Oh my goodness!!! These are amazing. You captured him so well. Thank you!! - Jen

Great job Megan! You sure have a way with the kids (especially Alden)! You captured everything I had hoped for...thank you! - Marcia

Oh my gosh! I love them all! You did such a wonderful job capturing our day! Thank you soooo much! Ahhh it brought tears to my eyes! - Rachel

The pictures really are great and I appreciate how much you genuinely care about us and the work you do. Your blog post made me cry. Thank you so much for everything. - Tori

Oh my goodness! These are beautiful Megan. We didn't dream the pics would be this amazing. We had a wonderful time at the photo shoot and we are excited about getting together again to look at even more! Audrey was so comfortable with you. You made the whole experience really special for our family and now we will have cherished memories. Thank you so much! - Heather

Oh my gosh I love them!! So much! As I described them on Facebook, they are fantastical! ;) - Chelsey

Megan, I am so overcome by emotion and joy I cannot stop looking at pics of our sweet new bundle of joy. Your pics are wonder MLP is best photog in Helena. - Roland (aka Papi)

Thank you Megan, I am soooooo happy with the photos!! You captured more smiles than I thought! I love the chair pics, what a great idea. I will definitely be in touch for his 1 year photo shoot if not before for a nine month session :) THANK YOU!!!!! - Kari

OMG the pictures are STUNNING!!! They're amazing! YOU'RE amazing!! No really - you're so talented:) Thank you!! - Davina

Oh they are so great!!! You are a miracle worker that is for sure!!! Lovvvveeee them!!!! Thanks!!!!!! A!!!!! Million!!!!!!! - Mara

We love the photos!!! You did a great job capturing Fischer's spirit and our whole family. - Ashley

OMG, they turned out so amazing!! We have had sooooooo many compliments on what great pictures you took :) :) :) Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) - Lisa

Thank you Megan for again capturing amazing moments that we will cherish for a lifetime. Thanks for taking in stride the grumpy three year old and the chaos of all the family members present for this event. You are so talented at getting everyone to work together and getting some memorable photos. - Rebecca

Megan, you did a WONDERFUL job with the photos, AGAIN!!!! Thank you very much for helping us preserve this memory! - Nick

OMG - I just cried! I LOVE them!! I seriously can't stop looking at them! You are the best Megan! - Breanna

I am so beyond thrilled with how these turned out! I can't wait to see the rest! We had so much fun doing these and I hope to get to do more for this next year:) Thanks Megan! - Crissy

Megan... Oh Megan! The slideshow is fabulous! I've watched it three times since I got home! The last time I paused it every picture! I love them all! Words cannot express how happy I am! I am so glad we chose you to capture our day and our memories!! Thank you! - Jaimie

Thanks Megan for these beautiful photos. They have brought tears to my eyes - they are so great! - Rebecca

Megan! We cannot get over the pictures. You did an amazing job! Thank you!:) - Katie

Hi Megan! Just wanted to tell you that I had so many people at school tell me today how much they loved the pics!! And that they understand now why we drive so far for the pictures :-) We love them SO much! Thank you thank you! - Anna

Megan, your pictures are gorgeous and really get the personality of your subject. I love them, I love them all! You have a gift! - Verta (Grandmother of Baby Client)

Megan, I just had to write you and say thank you again for picking up the slack. You have been amazing with the Life in Motion Calendar project [a fundraiser for the Helena YWCA]. Thank you for being an amazing person and photographer in this project!!!! - Sincerely, Nicole Administrative Assistant, YWCA of Helena

Megan - Amazing!!!! I didn't even know you were there for a lot of those pictures. The one with me and my parents TRULY captures my Dad (and made me cry of course). GREAT JOB to both of you. Thanks again! - Kim

The pictures are amazing!! Thank you once again for capturing my family so beautifully! - Heidi

Thank you so much Megan! I love all of the photos! You have done such a fabulous job for us. The photos took me back through the whole day, start to finish - and I had to wipe away a few tears as I watched. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Love, Karlee & Drew

You are amazing Megan!!! The pictures are incredible! I am in tears!!! Thank you so so much for everything you did! - Kirstin & Kevin

Hi Megan! Thank you SO SO much! We LOVE our pictures! You are so amazing!!! The slideshow is wonderful! We are the luckiest ever to have you! Thank you thank you!! - Ashley & James

Eeeeeeekkkkk!!! I love them love them love them!!! You are so so amazing!! Now I'm just going to spend all weekend looking at them! Thank you so so much Megan!! - Mindy

Thank you Megan!! It was so much fun working with you! We had such a blast :) Thank you for being so amazing and making us feel so comfortable! - Kirsten & Thomas

Hi Megan! I loved the slideshow! It made me cry (happy tears of course)! The pictures look so great!! - Andrea

Thank you Megan! Brett and I had soo much fun on Saturday with you! We could not stop chatting about how laid back the whole session was and how comfortable you made us feel. Thanks for making that time so special for us! - Jess

Megan and Scott - Thank you so much for capturing our wedding perfectly! The photos are absolutely amazing. Thank you for being so easy to work with as well. We had a great time with you. Thank you so much for making our day memorable. - Nick and Sarah

Oh my goodness Megan! The photos are so beautiful--just perfect! We are so lucky we have you to capture our special moments. I look forward to our next session! - Sarah

It was a day that took your breath away! And you have caught those breath taking moments with these pictures! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! So so beautiful cant wait to see the rest! I still have tears of pride and joy streaming down my face. - Sheri (Mother of the Bride)

They are beautiful!!! I love them!!! You have done such a wonderful job, and we have loved working with you!! You are such a sweetie! Thanks for everything, Megan!! - Tracy

Megan & Scott - Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures! We really couldn't have asked for better pictures or better photographers. You guys were always there ready to capture the moment and you knew how to handle everything and what to do the whole weekend. Dane and I are so delighted to have these photos to remember our special day for the rest of our lives! Thanks again. - Kirsten & Dane

Megan - Thank you so much, I finally had time to look at the slideshow and it brought tears to my eyes! You did such an amazing job at capturing their expressions and personalities! My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner! Thanks Again, Clarice

Megan - I am so thrilled with the engagement photos you've done for Ashley and Brad. I cannot wait to see what you do for their wedding! I look forward to meeting you. What a talent! - Diane (Mother of the Bride)

OMG!!!!! They are amazing!! You are SO good!:) - Megan D.

Megan! I don't even know where to start...the pictures are AMAZING WONDERFUL PERFECT!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.... The slideshow brought tears to my eyes over and over again! I can't tear myself away from watching it:) Thank you soooooo much! - Mara

I have just looked at our photos!!! Awesome!!! I think you captured our family perfectly! Thank you Megan!! - Tammy

Megan - Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us capture these special moments! We will cherish these photos and memories for years to come. You have such an amazing talent. Thanks again! - Samantha & Danl

Megan - My family and I would like to thank you for the fabulous family pictures. You were able to capture the little precious moments of our family amidst the chaos of six kids under the age of four!:) And the pictures are amazing. Thank you again! - Kristen Friend and the whole Malstrom Family

Megan - These pictures are just...AWESOME. I am speechless and teary eyed. I love them all! Thank you for everything!! - Tasa

Dear Megan Thank you so much for our recent family photo session. We LOVE how you captured our family. It takes a lot for my husband Matt to be happy and content when we are getting our pictures taken, but you nailed it. Thank you for making us comfortable and for the wonderful pictures. We are very pleased. Thank You Again, Val never disappoint! I love them. My family thinks they are beautiful. You did an absolutely awesome job! - Tera

Megan - Thank you for the beautiful memories! You have an eye for capturing those unique images that truly portray the emotions of our wedding day. Thank you thank you! - Lacy & Mark

We have no idea how to possibly thank you for the beautiful portraits you took of Natalie. You captured so much love and peacefulness with your camera lens. Thank you! - Amy & Paul

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